F is for a Fashion Filled Feliz Navidad

Merry Chirstmas! Feliz Navidad! Hope you and your family had the bestest of Christmases  🙂


Now I’m a firm believer of there being one main reason for Chirstmas, but hey…since the presents are a big part of the celebration during this time a year, I wanted to share my top 5 fashion favorite gifts.

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 1.11.04 AM

A year subscription to Vogue España

At work we exchanged names, and my Secret Santa got me exactly what I wanted! Of course, my favorite past time is laying around looking(then reading) Vogue and other fashion magazines. Now, I’m going to get my favorite magazine right to my door, and how thoughtful was it that Secret Santa got me the Spanish version!?! I’m always practicing my Spanish with my native Colombian friend(my Secret Santa), so this will further improve my efforts. It’s also exciting considering I just got back from Spain on a business trip last month, so now I feel closer to the country/culture.

IMG_3287A book: Paris Street Style

One of my friends surprised me with this book that breaks down French style, from the classic look to trying something different, and even about finding your own style. And although I know my style is FABULOUS ;p , this book will allow me to learn the oh so famous French look as well as be comfortable to try other styles I’ve been wanting to try, although they’re not French specific. At the back of the book there’s “Our Favorite Places To Go In Paris” section which lists chic places to grab a bite for lunch or even cocktails. Hmmmmmm…..looks like I may have to take a trip to one of the fashion capitals of the world soon!

IMG_3271Fabulous Dress w/ “leather” Sleeves

This was a gift I gave a friend. As soon as I saw this at Target, I immediately thought of her. She is of fair complexion and I just knew the dark teal/green color of the dress would pop on her. Also the pleather sleeves bring a little flare to the dress, and even though my good pal doesn’t wear things like pleather, I figured it’s a small touch, it would be great for her to try. I meannn I’m going to start trying out new styles…I can’t do it alone! 😉 Anywho, I liked this dress so much I actually got one for myself in a different color hehe.

IMG_3282Above the Knee Flat Boots

Speaking of shopping for myself. In the midst of Christmas shopping, I fell in love…of course with….. SHOES! I’ve been trying to find the right  black, flat boot that was above the knee length(flat b/c I want to wear them all the time, and above the knee b/c they’re not as popular).  I never go to Aldo, but for some reason I went in just to look, and what do ya know..I found the boots that belong to me! Now they really became mine when they went from $125 to $70, then $55 because the only pair they had left were on display #WINNING . Can’t wait for ya’ll to see them on me 😀

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 1.33.25 AMLeopard Full Length Skirt

Now who would give me such a chic gift that’s leopard print than non other than my dear Mumsy. Everyone knows leopard print has been her favorite for years  that it’s basically her signature. I’d have to say, it’s my favorite as well; I mean seeing it allll the time for years and years, it’s grown on me. Like mother, like daughter I guess. She’s def been a a fashion inspiration even though we do have different type of styles from time to time. I CAN NOT WAIT to wear it!!!

Well that’s all folks! It’s New Years Eve, and I hope you all look oh so fabulous tonight! Be safe, have fun, and be chic Dalings!!!



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