Cilla on the Slopes

I’m extremely excited to share that I FINALLY went skiing for the first time last weekend! Being from  south Texas, I’m not accustomed to the cold or snow, in fact I’ve always hated the cold, but for the past couple years, I’ve been dying to go skiing. So when my friend invited me I was over the moon about this new adventure. It wasn’t until when we had the trip confirmed when, *DUN DUN DUN*, I began freaking out “UM HOW AM I GOING TO  SURVIVE THE COLD?!? WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO WEAR?!?”

Luckily I had my trusty google, to tell me that I needed water resistant clothing, and my real-life friends to tell me layers and thermals were key.  I began searching sports stores for thermal clothing, and  saw that the ski pants were a little too pricey for my taste(as a recovering shopaholic, I’m really trying to be good about how I spend my money, especially on clothes. I know, I know…it’s hard!) , so I thought I’d  just use water-resistant wind breaker pants plus a lot more layers. However, after digging through my wardrobe, I realized I no longer had windbreakers. Womp womp. I tried a different sports store, one that I would never try because I had a perception that they are way expensive. But actually the ski pants there were the same price as the water resistant windbreaker pants, so I went ahead and made a commitment.
Note: I know some people that used water resistant windbreakers out on the slopes and were fine. So if you’re not ready to make a commitment because you don’t know how often you’re going to ski or don’t want ski pants taking so much space in your wardrobe, they work. I don’t know how warm you’ll be or how many layers you’ll need, but they work.

Now, what the heck was I going to do about the jacket?? I was out and about with my mumsy and I saw a puffy, metallic jacket and though “OoOoO. I can be chic in that jacket”, but read that it was a down coat. Down, folks, is not recommended for skiing. I read that once it gets wet, the feathers no longer keep you warm, then you’re stuck out there freezing. Some of you may know these types of things, but I’m sorry, I didn’t. I meannn..did I mention I was from South Texas? ;P Whaaa…I put it back. All the other puffy jackets weren’t that cute nor on sale. Moping around, I saw a jacket that wasn’t chic BUT it did in fact look water-resistant. Plus it was a magenta color so I figured it isn’t all that bad.  It’s tag not only said it was water-resistant but also wind resistant; I looked at the other tag and saw that it was originally $90, on clearance for $35 and was like “OH HI.”
Now it wasn’t as thick as some of the puffy jackets, but the fact that it was water and wind resistant with fleece on the inside, plus the major clearance it was on, I could NOT pass it up. Not to mention, I was on a time crunch.   #WINNING

Big hair = FABULOUS

Big hair = FABULOUS

Out on the Slopes
Finally there, I wanted to look as chic as possible, so I wore my Banana Republic faux fur infinity scarf, plus my faux fur ear muffs I got in NY last winter. This way I didn’t have to wear my hoodie. BLAH that was a mistake! the scarf was TOO FABULOUS(I know, didn’t think there was such a thing). Although when my face was cold, I could burry it in the scarf, it kept getting in my way and making me feel even more frustrated as I continuously fell.
I took a break…ate some snacks..gathered my self together and realized I had to give up being chic. I was there to ski, and because the wind was unbearingly brutal, I knew I had to wear my trusty wind resistant hoodie.

All bundled up. Upset I no longer looked cute

All bundled up. Upset I no longer looked cute

We rented the boots and skis at a place called Wild West Ski. Super laid back people who did a magnificent job at explaining how to put on the boots. Basically, they are like rollerblades, which I am an expert at 😉 They’re super heavy, but perfect for what they were made for…the snow! PS: We stuck foot warmers in the boots, it helped

Ski Boot

Ski Boot

Of course, your gloves will need to be water resistant as well. Don’t be afraid to use mittens, as some of the local skiers said they prefer them because they keep your hands warmer. I had water resistant gloves and also wore regular knit gloves underneath. In between, I had a hand warmer pack, which was nice, but I did tend to get a little frustrated with how thick/bundled even my hands were. I know I needed them to be this way to keep warm, but I’m not used to it…AT ALL.
Another thing that was frustrating me were my goggles. I found some cheap $12 ones that I used, but they kept getting, not so much foggy, but watery from the condensation. I couldn’t see!!! And THAT is annoying, especially when you don’t know what you’re doing and OH. when you have gigantic gusts of wind hitting your face! 😦 Perhaps it was because my goggles were cheap

Cheap goggles. Chic ear muffs .

Cheap goggles. Chic ear muffs .

Overall it was a really great, rough, yet fun experience! I’ll def be back on the slopes soon!

skiing down the hill…leaving others behind ;) See ya!

skiing down the hill…leaving others behind 😉 See ya!


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