Shue Sass: Oh Bebe

Shue Sass: Serving a dose of sass by highlighting one of my favorite pairs

I had been dying to get dolled up & go out for a night of my favorite past time…DANCIIIIINNG. Not, to mention, my most favorite pair of heels were screaming for attention.
These shues are my first “expensive” pair (In fashion, there are plenty of items that are hundreds & thousands of dollars, but anything over $100 is expensive in my book). Having seen them in the Bebe Christmas catalog at a time when I just graduated college and was unemployed, I could only dream to have these babies in my closet.
Months past, I finally had a job, part time, but still a job, and OH BABY, in this case, BEBE, I kept thinking about these sweet, sweet angels, hoping they’ed be on some kind of sale of some sort by now, but they weren’t. I bit the bullet…after all, I did deserve them 😉


They have PEARLS that accessories and hug your ankles like bracelets making you look AND feel sexy; they also have a Mary Jane tone, that brings a bit of a sweetheart feel, what’s not to love about them?!?!
Not to mention they are black and white, which means I can wear any color I wanted to, and I love colors!

However, when I recently wore them out, I stuck to all black. was a fatty day for me, but I did manage to have fun and dabble in dark makeup.

I can rock a color or just all black…goes to show how these shues are pretty much perfection. Did I mention, there’s an image of them under the word “perfection” in the dictionary? ;P


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