Que Bella: Beauty Box Surprises

I was lucky enough to receive a Beauty Box from Khol’s. I knew they sold perfumes, as I usually purchase my lovely DKNY Be Delicious from there, but it’s really nice to know that they now have a great selection of beauty products now.

Here’s a look at what I got to try out:
1. Escada- Cherry In the Air
This size is absolutly perfect to keep in your purse. Plus the sweet aroma is perfect for summer and spring, which are right around the cornerrrrr. It’ll make you want to be fabulous outdoors…just like the gal on the box 😉

2. h20 Hydrating Treatment
I tried this for a couple nights and have to say I really like the fact that it’s a serum treatment.

3. GLOWING Body Lotion by JLO
This lotion smells marvelous! I mean, what else would you expect from a JLO product?!? My mumsy’s bday is coming up, and she was a HUGE fan of JLo’s Glow. I can not wait to shop for a perfume and lotion for her, so she can try GLOWING. I know she’ll just love it!!!

4. LORAC TANtalizer
This bronzer IMMEDIATELY became a new favorite!! Not only can you use a little on your face, but as a luminizer, it’s great for shoulders, legs…anywhere you want an extra, fab glow!


5. Katy Perry Lashes – OH, HONEY!
Aaaaaand last but not least, the lashes by Katy Perry are already a must have for me, as I usually use Cool Kitty, but I was oh so excited to receive and try OH, HONEY! Both are great! If you’re looking for a lash that’s not as full, but still long, the OH, HONEY! sku is def one you can try.

Now that you have a closer look at what kind of things Kohl’s Beauty Department has, check them out and see what will be YOUR favorite 😉


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