When Fashion Meets Basketball: Socially

Along with fashion, basketball is another passion of mine. So you can only imagine how ecstatic I am that NBA playoffs is vastly approaching aaaaaand how we currently went through NCAA March Madness…the 32 teams, and now down to the last 2, for their “one shining moment”. As an advertising exec, I am so into seeing how different brands tie their social posts to what’s going on in culture. Here is a countdown of my favorite picks of fashion brands and how they brought the culture relevancy of basketball to their social space, “It’s awesome, baby!”

5. American Eagle: Love how they did a post for both guys and gals. Great way to show case different outfits.

4. Capital One: This isn’t a fashion brand BUT I did LOVE how this bank was able to make SHUES haha out of their product…the dolla bill yaaalll. So cute!

3. Macy’s: Hellooo bling! Sweet, simple, to the point. Show the ring while hand spinning a bball..something only a fabulous person can do 😉

2. Kohl’s: With their recent push behind their beauty counter, it was love at first site when I saw this basketball made out of foundation.

1. JCPenny: Not the most visual appealing, b/c it’s a bracket, but certainly the most engaging. Just because a gal might not have had a basketball bracket of her own, she was certainly able to make one with her favorite dresses 😉
jcpenny bracket


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