A Couple of Couples: Met Gala 2014

Since the Met Gala was two days ago, I figured I won’t spend much time on this since I’m SUPERRR Laaaate on this post (so what?! I have a full time job & am an aspiring salsa competitive dancer…there just hasn’t been time 😛 ) Anywho, staying in the theme of “twos” I figured I would choose my two favorite pairs who attended Monday’s glamorous gala.

But first….let me talk a little little bit of Charles James. He’s a British designer, who was THE top couturier in America, known for his structured gowns and Taxi dress, ya know..for when you need a comfortable dress..that’s also easy enough to slip out of and change into another during a taxi ride. hehe

Dita Von Teese & Zac Posen

I feel like her gown fit the Charles James theme the most. Not only did the dress form fit her body, which gave a structural silhouette, the mermaid like bottom was very structured, one of Charles James’ designer traits. For someone who is always glamorous, yet “dark”, I feel like attending the Gala with none other than the designer of the dress, Zac Posen, who wore a cape, very much felt like they had a theme going on within themselves. He reminded me of Dracula hehe…and she…his beautiful Vampire Queen ❤ . I may be off..but those you who know me…know I love this kind of stuff..classic vampires, darkness…juuuussstt….let me imagine! Haha

La La & Carmelo Anthony

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 1.46.55 PM

Well…well..well Miss Thaaaanng!! SOMEONE had a bit of a different than usual look on Monday and absolutely OWNED IT!!! I love LaLa’s bright personality and the fact that she shows her beautiful smile BUT I did like how she was just showing her fierce face the entire night, as she looked flawlessly fierce!! I feel like her bright personality came through in that gorgeous purple color which was also a highly structured gown, by Cushnie Et Ochs, fitting the Charles James theme. I applaud her hubby as well because that top hat is simply marvelous. Also love how there is a hint of blue in that Rag & Bone custom tuxedo.

Now stay tuned on what I wear to next year’s gala ;p ..Ms. Wintour pleaaaasssse invite me next year, pretty pleasssseeee.


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