Flying Boots

This morning I flew from SA to Dallas. Dallas to NY! I know, I know…annoyinggg. Why can’t I just *snap* my fingers and be there in a sec? Nonetheless, super grateful & excited about this trip.
Since I was flying I wanted to wear shues that were comfortable, covered my toeseys, and ones that were easy to slip off & on through security.
And the winners were….
My new, blue combat boots!!!


They’re from Target and you’ll NEVER believe how much they were !

$12!!!!! I remember first seeing them in a weekly ad for about $34 & I decided not to purchase because I was trying to save my money đŸ˜¦ But the next time I went to Target my mind was on nothing BUT blue boots. Then I found them! In the clearance section!
Quickly I grabbed them in anticipation of turning the tag over to see the size…
“C’mon..c’mon…Ahhhhh..MY SIZE!!”
I dramatically dropped everything & tried them on. THEN…I saw they were REALLY on clearance. So..of course…they became mine!
And now, they’ve flown to NY w/ me hehe



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