San Antonio’s Admirable Sunshine

EVERYONE in the world was wearing a San Antonio Spurs shirt of some sort during Wednesday night’s championship celebrations. I meannn, we were not only celebrating being champions this year, but celebrating the fact that this is our FIFTH time winning!
While I had a blast at the parade, it was the celebration at the Alamodome that was the highlight of my night! Heck….OF MY LIFE.
Why? You ask……

I’ve been a fan ever since I could begin to understand basketball. When I was 4 years old, I went to a Spurs game with my parents. I remember I had this cute, little plaid purse, but I lost it at the game, there at Convention Center Arena. After, my parents and I went to eat at Pizza Hut. There were a couple posters of the Spurs and Dave. I had so much faith in Dave that I kept looking at his poster, then at the Pizza Hut door…thinking to myself “He’s going to walk in here with my purse. I just know he’ll find it!”
BAHAHAHA. Needless to say, he never came. I was 4 then, lol..give me a break!
But me just thinking he was going to “save the day” just goes to show what kind of power, team-player, and leadership he brought to the court. To have a 4 year old already see that says something in itself, and the reason why next to my dear, daling Daddio, David Robinson is my hero! Aaaaand I’m pretty sure this is the case for the rest of the folks from SA.

Literally had to sit down and cry afterwards! haha

Literally had to sit down and cry afterwards! haha

Along with a Spurs Championship shirt, he brought a pop of color with some yellow striped shorts. Yellow means bright, happy, nice and that exactly matches Mr. Robinson’s personality!
That’s all I really have to say about what he wore LOL. This post is really just to express my gratitude, and admiration for The Admiral. 😀

But, here’s a little bit of what I wore.

2014 NBA Champions Spurs Shirt!

2014 NBA Champions Spurs Shirt! PS:why my hair look so flat doe?! O_o

Of course trying to stay as fabulous as possible in a t-shirt, I opted for these new Bohemian wide-leg pants I just got from TJMaxx, some Lucky Brand wedges(because wedges are always easier to walk in vs. heels), and a cute turquoise princess style necklace from Forever 21.

So bummed the season is over, but totally still on cloud 9 about meeting one of my heroes! Thanks for taking the time to snap a photo with me, Mr. Robinson!


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