Saved by the Scholl’s

How do you stay looking fabulous walking around NY?

I ask myself this question every time I begin to pack for the Big Apple. Between heels, wedges, flats, and sandals a gal’s feet can be begging for something with more support! At least my feet do. Not sure if it’s because I’ve danced for over 17 yrs, but my feet are soo sooo sooooo much more content in anything that has support and/or cushion.
While I didn’t want to be in Crocs or tennis shoes, even though there are plenty of tennis shoes that can be incorporated into chic outfits, I figured I’d try the latest and greatest from Dr. Scholl’s. What do ya know? Advertising DOES work! ;P

Dr. Scholl’s inserts helped walking around in my Old Navy ballerina flats so much better!

The last commercial I had seen for Dr. Scholl’s was on their Massaging Gels, so I tried them, and was actually pretty happy with them!
Not necessarily same comfort as a good sneaker, but def provided support to some of my flats that otherwise had none.
They didn’t fit in my heels, however. A couple years back I tried some heel specific gels that didn’t work, but I now know Dr. Scholl’s has a Dream Walk line endorsed by fashion supermodel Heidi Klum. Because the Massaging Gels worked, I’m willing to give Dream Walk a try, after all, who knows the next city I’ll stomp my pretty, little shues around 😉 .


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