Felicidades Icon from the Block

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the ULTIMATE DIVA, who is still, truly Jenny from the Block!

Jennifer Lopez has to definitely be my number one role model.
1. She’s fabulous
2. She’s a dancer
3. She’s Latina
4. She’s SO humble, even after all the success she’s had

I have to admit, I absolutely cried while she was giving her Billboard Music Award’s speech for the very first ever BBMA’s Icon Award. Everything about the speech was wonderful! Loved how she  brought up that this was her dream ever since she was little, because that truly resonated with my dancing dreams, and LOVED how she even said some of her speech in Español (as I mentioned on twitter)
This goes to show she is a true American Idol, no pun intended, as she can relate to everyone one in America, especially the new General Market, Latinos.

But beyond her physical talent and down to earth heart, she is without a doubt a fashion icon, and has been for decades! She truly, truly has made fashion trends, not followed them, and has owned it..every single bit of it!
Here are just some of my favorite styles through out the years…not going to lie, I’ve tried to mimic them here and there..through out high school, college, and even today 😉

From casual to dressy …she def can dress up a velour short suit as well as any type of pant.
photo 1(1)
photo 1(2) 1B751790 photo 3

But then….she can show off those dancer legs of hers in skirts that are both long or short, fierce or classic.
photo 4(1) photo 3(1)photo 5
Aaaannnd let’s not forget about the hats…This one is my fav! She totally made the big, floppy hat popular.
MTV Video Music Awards

PS: I died when I saw these videos! ❤

Look at her jump around in those boots!

LOVE Celia Cruz. LOVED this tribute

Keep showing us your light hearted, fun side, daling 😉 Y FELIZ CUMPLEAñOS!


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