Saturday Steal: Color Me Chic

And you know what Saturday means….shoppiinggggg!!
Now we are on a budget (of some sort), so I’m on the hunt for items that are different, but still at a good price…a REALLY good price.
Where would I find such things?.?.?.?… TJ Max of course! 😀
My eye immediately gravitated towards this POP of orange. And “OoOoO what’s that?” I thought, yup…a hint of lace! Riiiggghht in between the orange fabric of the dress.
photo 3

But what do ya know, it’s actually a short romper! Cool huh?! It made this piece EVEN MORE interesting. You wanna know one more thing that makes it even better?


While on my shopping adventure I also found this crop top for 7 dollas! ….HOLLAAAAAAA 😛
photo 1(1)

Although I’m not in crop top shape, you can NEVER turn down a cute top that’s under $10! Especially if it has literal splashes of colors that just make you happy inside. The green, hot pink, purple/blue, yellow, and white scream fun. Plus the fabric on this is polyester, which, makes me feel oh so chic 😉


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