What Beyonce Told Me

I’m going to share a photo & experience I’ll forever remember – when I met Beyonce & the rest of the DC dolls.

But first……
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEYONCE!!!! From one Texas gal to another ❤
You have MANY different styles that we all love, but one video in particular captures the styles I am ‘Crazy In Love’ with!

  • The white tank, denim shorts, and red pumps are the most simple pieces that you made look WOW.
  • The full, straight, brow-length bangs gave a super model BANG.
  • The cap with long hair helped me realize I don’t have to pull my hair back when I wear a cap to ROCK IT.
  • The leotard and fur combo while in front of the flaming car ..FIYAAAAA. – I hope to wear this outfit out one day hehe.
  • And. My. FAVORITE…….the orange/fuschia/magenta dress at the end is ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!!! Every time  I see the color combo I think of this dress! Not to mention, the plunge neck, crisscross back with a lower strap that ends in a buckle/clip, and the fact that it’s a flow-y mini just means you were able to give us the ultimate delivery of choreo.

This song also means a lot to me because it came out the summer I first started traveling to LA & taking dance classes at the EDGE P.A.C . Even learned choreo to this song 😀

Beyonce, THANK YOU, for your encouraging inspiration, sharing your creativity, revolutionizing different styles..especially the performance leotard, aaaand telling me “You’re so pretty”.
I’ll never forget giving you a hug and telling you “and you are soo pretty too” haha

We had to take a group photo, but I look forward to the next time we meet again…maybe we can take our own photo (oor a dance class) together! 🙂




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