The Gentleman of Fashion

While in college I remember making trips to Barnes and Nobles and reading a humongous book of dear Oscar de la Renta (because I couldn’t afford to buy it). I read about his life, the beginning of his work, and grew an admiration for this man who has brought such class to the fashion industry throughout the decades. No matter how weird other designers got, he stayed true to what he felt was beautiful.

I was truly inspired and orgullosa to know that a Latino influenced and made they’re mark on countless red carpet events. Even America’s First Ladies have exuded a styled approached to class that Oscar is known for.

If you don’t have time to read a book about Oscar, I came across a great article from the NYTIMES that gives a snapshot to the life of the Gentleman of Fashion.
I hope it inspires you in one way or the other.   ❤

Just saw Fusion post a video of Oscar serenading SJP w/ Mariachis! HAD to post here!!! AJUAAAA



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