Attending Solange’s Wedding

HELLLOOO bicycle! Love it! (Photo Cred: Hollywood Life)

HELLLOOO bicycle! Love it! (Photo Cred: Hollywood Life)

I’m prett-ey sure the rest of you were stunned and instantly obsessed with the wedding wardrobe choices of Solange that surfaced yesterday. The BACKLESS PANTSUIT with a CAPE was ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!!!

UM... Look at Miss Tina! #Flawless

UM… Look at Miss Tina! #Flawless (Photo cred: Vogue)

The photo of Solange in her actual gown and her gals in all white was also so stunning.
Creativity must run in the family because visually, she shows us just how creative, spunky, and fun she is. Vibrant colors, different travels, and the captured moment of each photo within her IG explains all the reason why she is just as powerful as her sister. Let’s not forget her funky beat choices in music! Whoop Whoop

Her creativity inspired me to put together an outfit I would’ve worn to her all white wedding..ya know, if I could’ve gone.. I thiiiiink my invitation got lost in the mail 😉

My outfit

Shorts: Dolce&Gabbana Jacquard Shorts
Blouse: Valentino Organza Ruffled Tuxedo shirt(ya know, b/c people wear tuxedos to weddings 😉 )
And because Louisiana, where the wedding was held, is known for having gators, my accessories are themed 😀
Earrings: Betsey Johnson Reptile Alligator Drop Earrings
Handbag: Chanel Plexiglass Minaudière
Shoes: Kohl’s…flats-so I can dance the night away

Now…if I can only get myself this outfit…THAT would be just as wonderful as attending Solange’s wedding ❤


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