Luis Vazquez Photography Inspires

With only 3 days until Christmas, I KNOW many of you are scrambling for last minute gifts, but I’d like to ask you to stop for a minute and think about the real reason for the holiday season. Think about how much we’ve been given and how you can give back.

I was inspired to give back when a friend of mine talked to me about the toy drive his company, Luis Vazquez Photography, was hosting for Child Safe. With how busy our lives are, I was blown away to think that not only did Luis donate, but he volunteered his time to organize and encourage others to donate in order to make a difference in kids’ lives.
That, right there, is what the season is about.

Luis @ the Luis Vasquez Photography's Santa's Workshop

Luis @ Santa’s Luis Vazquez Photography Workshop

Sharing the gift you’ve been given, is also a way you can give back, and Luis Vazquez Photography has done so by teaming with Childrens Lighthouse in Helotes. Kids who brought in a toy to donate had the opportunity to meet SANTAAA, take a photo, aaand take home a 8×10 portrait 🙂

Over 100 toys donated!!! :D

Over 100 toys donated!!! 😀

Sooo if you’re still shopping, please take some time to see what organizations may still be in need of toys for their toy drive OR think about the time you can give as a volunteer. I juuust dropped off some gifts for my church’s Angel Tree.
How will you give back?



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