The Silver House

Last Monday our darling, Champion Spurs turned the White House into the Silver(and black) House. While it was fun to see them visit their native countries with the Larry O’Brien trophy this summer, it was just as SA-weet to see them at our nation’s capitol.

Love this pic of the Spurs laughing it up :) Photo cred:

Love this pic of the Spurs laughing it up šŸ™‚
Photo cred:

And although it was so sweet to see ALL of them out of their on-the-court suits, there were a few off-the-court suits that caught my eye for best dressed. Sshhheck out the countdown…

3. Manu Ginobili
I immediately gravitated towards the suits that were a different color other than black, BUT my fellow Latino brought a certain classy spark to this black and white suit. The vest also made the entire look come together, which put forth a timeless feel.

Photo Cred:

Photo Cred:

A LITTLE closer look at the vest. Photo Cred:

A LITTLE closer look at the vest.
Photo Cred:

2. Danny Green
It wasn’t until I was flipping through the different photos on the Spurs online gallery when I noticed Danny’s dapperness. Between the tie bar/clip, male broach, and shiny, sliver pocket square, it may be juust a little too much and could’ve worked without the tie bar, but look who’s talking here. I’m all about being fabulous, and since it’s a new year…I’m all about being too much when it comes to shiny accessories. šŸ˜‰ The overall fit of the suit was on point as well!

Photo cred:

Photo cred:

This photo was “the most interesting” as we can see his accessories a little bit closer.

Photo cred: GreenRanger14 IG

Photo cred: GreenRanger14 IG

1. Marco Belinelli
The charcoal, almost metallic, suit brings us classy in a trendy way. On top of that, the tapered pants that not only show a good fit, but allow us to get a complete look at his sleek shoes is why I’ve chosen Marco as number 1 on this countdown.
And yes, I like style that’s over the top, but there’s something special about a person’s style when they can bring both modern and classy in an effortless way. Bravo Belinelli!!!

Photo Cred: MBeli3 IG

Photo Cred: MBeli3 IG


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