On that pole

Last night I took a pole-fitness class. HAHA Oh my goodness, although I excelled during the handstand warm up, the rest of the class was quite. the. challenge!

It was a great experience at Crunch (gym); the instructor was helpful and the members were so kind to give me tips and cheer me on as I attempted to climb that pole. After laughing with the others about needing to be naked (like literal underwear or booty shorts) in order to stick onto the pole, the instructor says “Okay let’s do some floor work. Put on your shoes”.

A pair of the heels from class ;)

A pair of the heels from class 😉

As I’m on the floor lacing up my sneakers, I look up to see everyone taking out their big ‘ol stripper heels. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
I burst into laughter and so does everyone else HA! I immediately become so sad because of course, I wanted big tacones tooooo!!


Def a fun, shue memory for the books 🙂


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