Over Zeles Music

With yesterday being Music Monday, I spent the day jammin to some hometown sounds of
Zeles ( <– click to listen 😀 ), whom I recently had the pleasure of chatting with.

Overzealous, he was, as he went into detail about his music, explaining his central theme to it all. While his first mixtape, First Flight, is a form of motivation and what’s to come, we can be excited about his next piece of work, The Layover, where we’ll hear more of an evolution of Zeles as a person and artist.

Zeles merchandise doesn’t shy away from having true meaning either. LOVE how the sound waves of the ” Who She Rockin’ Wit’ ” song is printed on tees and caps that also have a play on lyrics to the song! This way… everyone knows who you rockin’ wit’!

Beyond Texas, folks are rockin’ with Mr. Zeles, as he’s done shows in Denver and even recently at Venice Beach!
His next show will be in San Antonio next week at RAW. Great event…I blogged about it back in November.
Buy tickets in advance::http://www.rawartists.org/sanantonio/present/?artist=215622

It’s the day after my bday so I’m prettyyy sure it’s gnna be AMAZING 😀


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