Hot Tea & Tacos

When away from home, you try to find the comforts and familiarity that make you feel..well…comfortable. All the more so when you’re ill AND away from home. Since I was a little gal, greñuda, curls everywhere and all, there’s nothing that made me feel more secure and comfy when I was sick than having my Daddio kiss me on the forehead while checking to see if I had a fever. He’d bring me hot tea, and if I was hungry favorite…bean & cheese tacos. And let’s face it, ain’t nothin going to stop this appetite of mine 😛

Till this day I still get the special kiss on the forehead, hot tea treatment; however when I ask for a taco there’s a “You’re sick and still hungry?!” that comes with it. haha
And let’s not forget Mumsy Ma who makes me homemade caldito that ALWAYS, literally makes me feel better.

Can’t you tell this sicky-poo greñuda is both cold-sick aaand homesick? 😦
Send me tacos, caldo, and your love, folks *Besos*


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