That. Was. DOPE.

What’s not dope about this movie? The film intertwines many issues and trends you see in our world today. Everything from a nod to being gay and how the fam might deal with it to the digital space where crazy news-interview remixes, random instant-popular hashtags, and the underground ecommerce exist.
I thought the story was set in the 90s, but you’ll see that the main characters simply embody the decade as diehard fans through their wardrobe. Plus, isn’t 90s style coming back? If you haven’t will soon 😉 Loose-fitted light denim, tucked in funky-printed shirts and flannels buttoned all the way to the top, and even a boxcut hairstyle rocked by main character Malcolm(Shameik Moore) ..all of it..the characters owned it!

They owned who they were throughout the entire film and weren’t afraid to be their true self. I mean c’mon these kids rocked 90s fashion and spit old school hip hop knowledge yet played in a punk band! 😀 I loved that there were no barriers. Even though they grew up in a rough neighborhood and had to deal with everything that comes with it, nothing held them back. Not even a Harvard application essay could hold Malcolm back from expressing who he was. And that’s why I was def one of those people that clapped at the end haha.

A familiar storyline, yet with a twist for today’s generation. Something that was needed to be created. Bravo to writer/director Rick Famuyiwa, celebrity producers Sean Combs, Forest Whitaker, Pharrell Williams, and the entire cast & crew 😀


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