Miss ShueMerica

Hello Dalings, it’s been awhile since I’ve last blogged. But what better way to bring me back to my computer than to talk about SHOES!!!

Yesterday was the Miss America Competition, and part of the annual tradition is the Show Us Your Shoes Parade where each contestant flaunts shoes that represent their state in one way or the other. And booooyy did some shoes take on their own way for sure. From different to classic and fabulous, here are my favorite shues.

5. Miss Vermont
My eyes sparkle with one glance of those sparkly boots. Plus, if there is anything I love besides sparkly shoes, it’s themed costumes! Miss Vermont sure looks cute as Rosie the Riveter.

4. Miss Kentucky
More sparkly, comfy shoes it’s Miss Kentucky supporting the ball team with some high-HIGH tops. Sexy, sweet, and comfy = #winning ! I need this outfit for the Spurs, please 😀

3. Miss Texas and Miss Mississippi
At number 3 on my countdown is a tie for the traditional, always stunning looks of these Southern states. Miss Texas shines as a Yellow Rose of Texas for my home state in the traditional cowboy boot with a fabulous flair to match the flared skirt. – I will NEED boots like that!!!!!

And Miss Mississippi is a classic Southern Belle in the white gown and a big flower on each heel. Big hair and big accessories, a must for the South 😉

2. Miss Montana
Okay. This is where we start to get a little bit different, but different, to me, is creative and as long as you can follow all the way through with a certain look, you’ve got my vote! Miss Montana’s shoes had DINOSAURS on them!!! WHAT THE?!? Haha but she did look cute with an overall Jurassic Park ensemble. Hehe way to step outside the box Missy.

1. Miss Idaho
Speaking of stepping outside the box, and into a sack, is Miss Idaho. Not much needs to be said here because a picture is worth a thousand words, and all I can do is smile. #cute
Okay okay…the shoe simply has a potato on it  BUT the entire outfit makes it my #1 pick. Pretty creative.

Gets me excited for my favorite holidaaaaayyyy; which is right around the corner!


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