Just Call Me Mop Top

Growing up people have complained about my hair being “crazy” or “frizzy”; they’d call me Medusa, and let’s not forget about the folks that nag, “Why don’t you straighten your hair? You should really straighten your hair!”

I love my curls! It’s truly apart of who I am, and actually….it quite fits my personality. Yessss my curls are crazy and wild and psssh so AM I!!! That’s why ya love me ❤
It hasn’t been easy though, finding the right products that give me the cute curls I can be proud of. And after dying my hair anywhere from blonde to red, then purple ombre, I found these curls don’t accept just any hair product. I was lucky to have the chance to try hair products from MopTop. I IMMEDIATELY gravitated towards the MopTop brand because of the name – instant “you get me” moment! HaHa.
The Gentle Shampoo and Daily Conditioner were great because they made washing my hair a smooth experience vs. a dreadful chore…I meeeeaaannnn getting tangles and KNOTS out of curly hair is not easy. For hair styling, they have Curly Hair Custard which helps give me a base for soft curls. I actually feel without the Curly Hair Custard, I wouldn’t be able to get as defined of a curl. And P.S. the funny scent name “Citrus Kumquat” smells A-MAZING! Now to keep that curl looking cute, I always always ALWAYS have to have gel. MopTop has a Medium Hold Gel that helped keep me all-day frizz free!

As if the name isn’t cool enough, you can take a quiz on their website to determine the type of curl you have and what products best fit them. A brand who is interactive with their consumer, has my vote! Yayyy MopTop!!!
Alsooo you can see what stores carry this product, which is always convenient! While I’m out in Cali, I get it at Target, but I was so so pleased to hear that it’s also carried at H-E-B, so when I go home for the holidays, I’ll still be able to get MopTop!
If you’re feeling up to letting your natural curls bounce your life back to fun, you can use my exclusive coupon code CurlShu15 , and try it!!!

So go ahead…say my hair is CRAZY. Call me Medusa.. but, frankly, I prefer Curly Shue or MOPTOP  😉


One thought on “Just Call Me Mop Top

  1. Love it! I agree your hair matches your personality perfectly. Wear it proudly MopTop! I’m letting my hair grow to match mine cuz I’m a wild and crazy kid (shout out to the 90s! Haha). So I know the feeling of finding something you like to put in your hair. Great blog! Keep it up

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