Airport Searched


Most of you know I went home for Thanksgiving, and that means I ate some REALLY good food 😀 Being that it’s hard to stay away from this yummy, fresh, homemade comida Tex-Mex, you know I had to bring back some tortillas to my West Hollywood casita!
And I’m prettttyyyy sure the airport security guy wanted to stop me of doing so because he searched my bag!
He had trouble opening my beautiful backpack, so as it was taking him awhile, he asks “Do you have tortillas in here.”

“Um YES” I quickly confirmed.
My heart was beating FAST.
He looked at me.
I looked at him.
He looked at the x-ray monitor thingy.
I thought, “please oh please, don’t take away my tortillitas”.

Good news: he confirmed it was the tortillas that looked funky on the x-ray thingy. And now, they just look funky in my belllyyyyy :p



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