Still trying to figure out what to wear for New Years Eve? Well I say, “Just look fabulous, Daling!”.
Here are some ways you can make that happen.

Faux Fur or Feathers
Whether you wear leggings or a gorgeous dress, faux fur or feathers will help  you look sexy and warm as well! Complimenting with something shiny, like these leggings, doesn’t hurt either.

Shine Baby Shine
Speaking of shiny, have anything sequenced you haven’t been able to wear? Well NYE is DEF the time to pull that baby out your closet! Mixing with a plain tee/turtleneck can help tone things down for a casual look.

Because, why not?!? Pair anything leather with, AGAIN, something that SHINES… and you’ll be good. to. go!
Although make sure you pair with something shiny-shimmery, NOT shiny-sequenced 😉

Bling Yoself
As far as accessories go..just bling-0ut. Anything and EVERYTHING you have..just put it on, like these Betsey Johnson earrings 😀 It’s the beginning of a New Year, I say it’s an excuse to be your most fabulous.
Plus, haven’t you even seen the Iris Apfel docu??

Shine from your head to your toes. I suggest a sleek pump..black or silver, such as these Jessica Simpson pumps.
IF you happen to NOT have an outfit that shines, lol, THEN wear some glittery/sparkly/feathery heels!

Will you be incorporating any shine or feathers to your NYE look? Comment below! I want to knoooww 😀


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