To Infinity & Beyond

The Infinity Mirrored room did give the illusion of seeing into infinity, even though we didn’t necessarily have infinity to be in the actual exhibit. 45 seconds is the allotted time to check out the art of Yayoi Kusama.

My two college buddies and I got into The Broad, put our name & number to be added to the line, and then were told we’d have access to the Mirrored Room 4 HOURS LATER. HAHA! We took time to check out the Jeff Koons exhibit upstairs, then skipped offsite for lunch at Perch. Thinking we had a good 1.5 hours to spare, I received a text a lot sooner!!! We rushed into an Uber and headed back to the museum.


Purely magical, the way this display looks so big, yet is so small. The mirrored walls and water filled floor help give this feel. There is 1 small strip where you can stand on to absorb the lights, but when there are three of you with only 45 seconds, and you are trying to capture that pic for the ‘gram….it gets a little tricky 😉

put lights(1)

We did manage to each take a photo alone, THEN a selfie together 😉

It’s free, yall! So go check it out!!
And invite me because THIS time I want those 45 seconds ALL. TO. MYSELF!!!

PS: Can Mariah Carey do a video to her song Infinity in this room?? 😀


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