Best Dressed @Universal Studios

When I put my Toaster Strudel leggings on that morning, I knew it was going to be a sweet day!

I could never find the “right time” to wear them until my recent trip to Universal Studios! I thought, “I’m going to a fun place, why not wear fun pants!?!”
And oh did I wear fun pants indeed! SO FUN that I had the whole park buzzing about them!


Isn’t he a cutiiieeeee?! But hey…where are HIS leggings??? Haha

My first encounter had a curious appetite that morning. Curious George pointed to my pants, then to his belly!

Second legging call out was by the NYC window performers, whom you don’t even notice until they shout at you from above. “Is that food on your pants?!? Well look at that Henry, she has food on her pants!”

But what made me the happiest was the third call out on the leggings, the call out that deemed me ‘Best Dressed’.
“There you are!! I’ve been looking for you all day!!!” hehe check out the rest ….

I gotta tell ya…this made me SO HAPPY & validated my fun decision. Be you, ya’ll! Even if you feel others will think you’re weird…WEAR something that’ll express your personality!!! 😉


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