‘Twas the Night Before Easter

‘Twas the night before Easter and all through the house…..
Someone was stress’n not knowing what to prep for tomorrow, only my blouse. Hehehehe

But really! I had a picnic brunch to attend and although I wanted to stay away from store-bought food, I wanted to put a little effort & amor into it.

Luckily I ran across a recipe that included Pillsbury Grands Biscuits. #yum
And since I have plenty of love for Pillsbury, oh…and bacon aaaand cheese, this Bacon Cheddar Biscuit recipe had my name all over it.
This recipe found on BuzzFeed actually called for bacon bits, but come on yall, I’m not that lazy! Haha

I pulled apart the biscuit dough into sections into a bowl.
Made some real bacon and CHOPPED IT ALL UP!!


Cut it, cut it, cut it … this is why i like to make videos..you can insert songs 😉

Next, was the fun part where  you throw in the bacon, cheddar, and some melted butter, then MIX IT ALL UP!


Gooey, uncooked yummy-ness

Since this wasn’t a “from scratch” recipe, I didn’t necessarily follow the cup sizes, and that’s ok.
You make it your own!


BEFORE: Packed it into my square cupcake Pampered Chef pan


AFTER: Ummm Idk if i can wait for the brunch :p

Remember it’s okay not making something from scratch all the time 😉 Because when it’s made with love, it’s homemade ❤


And boy did this love go quick! #biscuits






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