Cut with laughter & realness

A dose of family, hard work, realness, and comedy, Barbershop the Next Cut has a balance of everything you need in a movie.Let’s not forget some of the unique characters that have come into our hearts from the first Barbershop film.

  • Calvin (Ice Cube): Always trying to find the best for his family, especially in the midst of the gang violence in Chicago’s Southside
  • Eddie (Cedric the Entertainer): Says the most HILARIOUS lines 🙂 🙂
  • Terri (Eve): Our lovely Queen, who happens to make a reference to her “… damn apple juice”

A couple new faces, also make an appearance to bring the film full circle.

  • Rashad (Common): The ever so talented & sexy Common, who’s character made me fall even MORE in love with him. ❤ #RealMan
  • Draya (Miss Nicki Minaj): Draya, well, wasn’t my favorite (haha), but she did have a line that made me just ROFL “Just because I’m thick doesn’t mean I don’t have a soul.” Really, girl? :p

While there are many other characters that make this film complete, the advanced screening of the film had a Q&A with Cedric The Entertainer before the movie, where we got a little more insight on his character, Eddie.

I’m telling you, the writers of this are true to staying within the tongue and cheek wittiness that comes from actual “characters” at a barbershop/beauty salon.

It’s out this weekend yall, go see it!! SO grateful I got to get this sneak peak 🙂



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