The Raspberry Beret

Many times I’m craving to unleash the style I envision in my head, and many, of those times, I stop myself. However recently, I got an extra push when memorializing a fallen star, excuse me, fallen super star. The night Prince passed away, bestie & I streamed throwback Prince performances, and I couldn’t help but feel in complete awe!
FullSizeRender (8)
When you see Prince you see an unapologetic style icon. The epitome of male-fabulous ❤ Everything he wears screams FABULOUS and he’s 100% comfortable in his skin, in his stylish ensembles, and of course, performing on stage.
I felt inspired. Why not wear the things I concept in my dreams? It’s just a style.



Sooo yea…I’ve decided to start my style stance with this raspberry beret I ordered that night.  I like hats/headpieces, and when they have a story or meaning behind them, it’s even better!!!

I just know that Prince didn’t care what others thought and I shouldn’t either! I can totes hear him say “Fuck them! You’re a sexy Motherfucker” 🙂

Thank you for sharing your art in so many different ways!


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