Ever since I could remember, you’ve done anything and everything to put a smile on my face 🙂 Park time, then picking up my fav – Skittles & Hawaiian Punch. Root-beer floats & Popcorn while watching Spurs Games, Happy Meal drive thru runs in the little black truck. Playing outside with the dog. Fishing trips w/ sunflower seeds & Dr. Pepper — I know I know, a lot of food is involved 😉  Screaming our fav movie quotes & songs at the top of our lungs.

And the days you couldn’t fix my hair, you’d just throw my Spurs cap on top of my big head of curls.

Whether it be a camping trip @ Garner or soaking up the rays in Port A, you always made sure we had at least one summer excursion. 

You’ve never hesitated to make me a better person, whether it was waking me up on a holiday break just to hoop & practice dribble exercises . Encouraging me to cook. Saying “look it up in the dictionary” when I asked you how to spell a word. And at times, scolding me when I’m acting like a brat, all just to remind me that I am very blessed and not to take anything for granted.

Well I’m very blessed to have a Daddio like YOU!!!
I meannnn WHAT would my brother & I have done without you packing our snacks for after swimming lessons?? …and of course for taking us to swimming 🙂

You are kind, selfless, hardworking, and smart, and it’s no shocker your elementary school teacher would send a note home to my grandmother saying just how good of a student you are.

Yes, the fam might call you the Class Clown, but you know everyone loves it & I’m glad they say i’m JUST LIKE YOU.

Your efforts and love as a father don’t end even though I’m kiiiind of a grown up now. I can’t thank you & my mom enough for being my BIGGEST supporters through your words and actions. Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU for packing my dinner during my first year in advertising b/c you knew I worked super late. For taking a day off to drive me to Dallas just to get my passport. For going on bike rides w/ me and Bella Bear. For reminding me about my car registration renewal. And let’s not forget our weekly Chick Fil A dates!
For just simply always listening & guiding me through tough times & new adventures. There’s no better feeling than hearing you say “It’s going to be okay” ❤

And although I’m not the little girl you use to push in a cart at Kroger, while buying me my own pack of baby tortillas, you don’t care about that! You will STILL be fun & push me in a cart just to make me smile ❤ And for that, my dear Daddio, I am SO grateful to have a Dad like you!!



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