TBT: Craig Sager-Bold & Badass

It’s been a couple weeks since Craig Sager accepted the Jimmy V award for Perseverance at the ESPYS and graced us with not only just a great speech, but yet another eye-popping fashion ensemble, making this the perfect reason to write a TBT post about him.

Craig 1

Is that a silver&black tie?? #GoSpursGo

BOLD is the only word you need to describe this great man’s style, as he has NEVER held back on the fun. He wears bright colored suits, mix&matches patterns, and takes us on a time travel, right into a closet of the 70’s.
You know I’m ALL about giving props to those who express their style!!
What a BadAss! #RoleModel
craig 2.jpg
His fight with cancer shows us
this bold spirit goes beyond his choice of wardrobe.
Going from treatments in Houston in the AMs to covering Spurs games later that night in San Anton, that willpower is strong!

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 2.59.02 PM

These KD  7s were specially designed for Sager, due to his swollen feet from cancer treatments. 

Speaking of strong…check out that #shoegame ! Subtle hints of synergy throughout pieces of an outfit, is always an indication of a true fashion icon. His shoes matched the small bits of leopard within his coat.

Thank you, Mr. Sager, for being such a light with your fashion sense and incredible character game in and game out.
(We know it’s not easy interviewing Coach Pop 😀 hehe..in case you missed this wonderful reference…check out his speech).



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