Happy Birthday to ME

In an effort to be as flirty as possible during my year of 30, I took an oath to begin collecting pieces that made me feel ME as much as possible.

The forecast for the week leading up to my birthday was extremely cold for a Texas/Cali girl. With temperature highs in the 50s, you know the glitter-printed wheels in my head were spinning, trying to spit out the perfect Bday Outfit ideas. A number of ensembles were brainstormed, but wait…what about a jacket??


What could it beee?

I had been in the market for a faux-feather coat, a Marabou, if you will. And while I’m not an online shopper, due to the lack of endorphin release one would normally get if they were exercising on a physical shopping experience, the world wide web was the only place left to search. Sure, I found a couple Marabou options overseas, but with their size ratio compared to me, a grown woman about to be 30, I would’ve needed a 3xL, which they didn’t have.
Click, click, click, the search continued untilllll…I landed on the 6th page of my search on Poshmark; there it was, third row to the right, MY birthday jacket. The coat that screamed ME, CURLY SHUE, PRISCILLA, PRINCESS PRICILLA.
While it wasn’t faux-feather, the rainbow color totes overruled that criteria; plus, it’s not like my obsession with faux-fur had gone away.
Sooo… it didn’t arrive before my birthday weekend, BUT the experience of receiving the package was overwhelmingly exciting, even though LA weather turned a drastic 180 (hey, it still gets cold at night).


It arrived packaged in the CUTEST way ūüėÄ



Aahhhh this is itttttt! #TheMost

This was my first time buying from Poshmark, ‘a social market place where anyone can buy, sell, and share their personal style’, ¬†and while i enjoy the experience of trying on and feeling, and connecting with fabrics, sometimes, you just gotta extend your search to REALLY¬†find what you want (zzaaammnn does this apply to dating too?!?? Haha)


Selfie Sessshhhh



Can’t wait to take the perfect Insta photo with this jacket!!!


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