What Happens in Vegas…

Normally the saying is What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but not this time around!

Being that I’m obsessed with all things fashion and many different looks, I finally decided to try something new while on my recent Vegas trip.


I’ve stayed away from them for the silly thought that I felt I looked like a chola!!! hahaha However, once I put them on and stepped out for a night on the town, I felt so comfortable in them, and the response from everyone else was nice, to say the least 😉

Can’t wait to buy morrrreeeee 😀

Are you a fan of the hoops?



Gown Aglow

I know, I know you have been WAITING for my thoughts on Monday’s Met Gala! :p

Well…a picture is worth a thousand words, huh?

FullSizeRender (7)

HAHA idk why I felt no emotion towards most of the folks there, but I did feel hatred AND love for my #1 Best Dressed pick.

claire danes 2

The hatred was out of pure jealousy, as I would do anything to wear this gown!!! It’s so spectacular; a real-life Cinderella, Claire Danes was!

The designer of this gown just happens to be one of my favs, someone who is not a stranger to Met Gala best dressed lists I’ve published in the past… Mr. Zac Posen!

They grew up in the same neighborhood, and he even made a dress for Claire back in H.S. #SoSweet
Hmmm…why hasn’t my childhood bestie made me such a gown?!?

Zac came out on GMA giving us more deets on the gown that 100% fit under the Manus x Machina – Fashion in the Age of Technology theme. He explained the concept being where the past meets the future.
This classic & futuristic piece of fashion was made up of fiber optics and LED lights that were powered by 30 battery packs inside the dress!

Bravo Zac ❤

Cut with laughter & realness

A dose of family, hard work, realness, and comedy, Barbershop the Next Cut has a balance of everything you need in a movie.Let’s not forget some of the unique characters that have come into our hearts from the first Barbershop film.

  • Calvin (Ice Cube): Always trying to find the best for his family, especially in the midst of the gang violence in Chicago’s Southside
  • Eddie (Cedric the Entertainer): Says the most HILARIOUS lines 🙂 🙂
  • Terri (Eve): Our lovely Queen, who happens to make a reference to her “… damn apple juice”

A couple new faces, also make an appearance to bring the film full circle.

  • Rashad (Common): The ever so talented & sexy Common, who’s character made me fall even MORE in love with him. ❤ #RealMan
  • Draya (Miss Nicki Minaj): Draya, well, wasn’t my favorite (haha), but she did have a line that made me just ROFL “Just because I’m thick doesn’t mean I don’t have a soul.” Really, girl? :p

While there are many other characters that make this film complete, the advanced screening of the film had a Q&A with Cedric The Entertainer before the movie, where we got a little more insight on his character, Eddie.

I’m telling you, the writers of this are true to staying within the tongue and cheek wittiness that comes from actual “characters” at a barbershop/beauty salon.

It’s out this weekend yall, go see it!! SO grateful I got to get this sneak peak 🙂


‘Twas the Night Before Easter

‘Twas the night before Easter and all through the house…..
Someone was stress’n not knowing what to prep for tomorrow, only my blouse. Hehehehe

But really! I had a picnic brunch to attend and although I wanted to stay away from store-bought food, I wanted to put a little effort & amor into it.

Luckily I ran across a recipe that included Pillsbury Grands Biscuits. #yum
And since I have plenty of love for Pillsbury, oh…and bacon aaaand cheese, this Bacon Cheddar Biscuit recipe had my name all over it.
This recipe found on BuzzFeed actually called for bacon bits, but come on yall, I’m not that lazy! Haha

I pulled apart the biscuit dough into sections into a bowl.
Made some real bacon and CHOPPED IT ALL UP!!


Cut it, cut it, cut it … this is why i like to make videos..you can insert songs 😉

Next, was the fun part where  you throw in the bacon, cheddar, and some melted butter, then MIX IT ALL UP!


Gooey, uncooked yummy-ness

Since this wasn’t a “from scratch” recipe, I didn’t necessarily follow the cup sizes, and that’s ok.
You make it your own!


BEFORE: Packed it into my square cupcake Pampered Chef pan


AFTER: Ummm Idk if i can wait for the brunch :p

Remember it’s okay not making something from scratch all the time 😉 Because when it’s made with love, it’s homemade ❤


And boy did this love go quick! #biscuits





Best Dressed @Universal Studios

When I put my Toaster Strudel leggings on that morning, I knew it was going to be a sweet day!

I could never find the “right time” to wear them until my recent trip to Universal Studios! I thought, “I’m going to a fun place, why not wear fun pants!?!”
And oh did I wear fun pants indeed! SO FUN that I had the whole park buzzing about them!


Isn’t he a cutiiieeeee?! But hey…where are HIS leggings??? Haha

My first encounter had a curious appetite that morning. Curious George pointed to my pants, then to his belly!

Second legging call out was by the NYC window performers, whom you don’t even notice until they shout at you from above. “Is that food on your pants?!? Well look at that Henry, she has food on her pants!”

But what made me the happiest was the third call out on the leggings, the call out that deemed me ‘Best Dressed’.
“There you are!! I’ve been looking for you all day!!!” hehe check out the rest ….

I gotta tell ya…this made me SO HAPPY & validated my fun decision. Be you, ya’ll! Even if you feel others will think you’re weird…WEAR something that’ll express your personality!!! 😉